How to build backlinks
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How to build backlinks

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Frankly speaking, I am very surprised that today many SEO-optimizers and website owners make very simple and big mistakes in the promotion of links. And very often, I am approached by customers with loss of traffic after improper promotion links. In fact, there is nothing complicated - try to get the highest quality and natural links for search engines. And so, what links work you learn from the following most important rules.

  1. Links growth should be smooth. Otherwise, search engines react negatively to the “explosion”. And in some cases, your website at the beginning can get a sharp jump of traffic, but after just 2-3 weeks a sharp drop.

  2. The page of the donor website should be relevant to your page. For example, if you are promoting a page with a Mercedes car, then the donor page should be about a Mercedes car. Accordingly, the main keyword "Mercedes" should be in the title, meta tags and URL address. Much better if the donor is completely dedicated to the Mercedes cars.

  3. It is better to place the link at the beginning of the text (at the top of the article) - this can give transitions to your link, which speaks of its naturalness and can be considered as an additional behavioral factor.

  4. You can not buy links from previously posted articles, because the link should appear at the time of the appearance of the article, and not after some time.

  5. Backlinks should be varied. For example, not only from the pages of the articles, but also from forums, comments, news, social networks, emails, chats etc. The same goes for nofollow and dofollow, as well as links from redirects.

  6. Anchors well increase the relevance of the page, but if you increase the anchors in the reference profile by more than 10%, the page loses positions on the keyword that was specified in the anchors. To reduce anchor spam, use long and diverse anchors. For example, "buy a German car Mercedes in the online store cheap". Anchors with a large number of words reduce the weight, but reduce the risk of getting pessimized and increase the relevance of volume possible key phrases.

  7. Study donors and buy links from only quality websites where there is traffic, where there are few backlinks. Do not buy links from creation websites specifically for selling links!

  8. Online catalogs are dangerous, because they contain many outgoing links. Try to avoid such resources, they are long time in the ban.

  9. Links from forums or comments, are not only the transfer of static weight and visitors to your web pages that can be converted to sales, but also good online advertising for your company!

  10. Cross-cutting links from all pages of the website can shave down your traffic and the more pages from one website link to your website, the greater will be the filter. For example, you bought a advertising banner ad on a website with a link to your website. And after 2-3 weeks the organic traffic to your website began to fall - this is because the banner with the link is placed on all pages of the website. So, it spam.

  11. Signs of a commercial link for search engines, this is when the link is placed not in the content (body of article), but in a header, sidebar or footer template of the website.

  12. When someone uses links your images on him website, this will have a positive effect on the ranking of your website. But, the load on your hosting may increase, as there will be additional requests to yours server.

  13. With the age of the website, the trust of search engines increases, so it is better if your donors are not young.

  14. The geography of the donor website is preferable of relevant. That is, if your Mercedes store is located in Germany and is targeted at customers from Germany, then websites located in Germany should link to your website.

  15. The language of the donor, must be relevant to the language of your website. That is, this is the same as with servers in paragraph 14.

  16. If your website's links are "flashing", it will be a bad signal.

  17. The relevant domain zone can also play a role in promotion - in this way you can strengthen the local SEO.

  18. Regularly check the reference profile of the website, among your competitors there are unfair, which can easily send your website beyond the top 100 through non-quality links.

  19. To remove backlinks your website, you can use a special tool from Google - "Disavow Tool". But it is better, if you remove the spam backlink from the website of donor - for this, try to contact the website owners.

  20. It is not always possible to find all bad backlinks. And sometimes, Google counts long-removed websites. If your web-site is in this situation, you need to increase more quality links to dilute the bad ones in the backlinks profile yours website.

  21. Buy only the perpetual links. The older the link, the better it works, because search engines trust this link more. 

  22. Surely you have a page that can give you a lot of traffic and you try to get a lot of links to this page. Be careful, because if all links to lead only to one page. For search engines it is a signal that your links are commercial and very soon your website will get a filter. Therefore, dilute the reference profile to other pages of your website.

  23. Feel free to get more links from quality news websites. Such websites have a good trust and are in the Google News aggregator, which is also a good bonus in promoting of backlinks.

  24. You did not know that the search engines take into account the behavior of users who clicked on the link and only the parameters are important to you, like Semrush, DA Moz etc.!? In fact, it is very useful to get high-quality traffic that will give a signal that this page is good and your web page will very quickly occupy the top, having rounded even most the oldest websites in the top.

  25. In conclusion, you need to add that, if you correctly build of links profile, but you do not see a normal result, then this is due to other SEO-factors on your website. Simply put, links work well when your website is in good condition and in the other SEO-factors.