Best Bluetooth speaker 2020

Best Bluetooth speaker 2020


2019 was a great year for consumers of portable wireless speakers. During this year, a very wide variety of models appeared on the market, at different prices and various form factors. The year 2020 has become even more intense in portable audio. All this happened, primarily thanks to Chinese companies. Perhaps today they are the kings of Bluetooth speakers, which squeezed out of the market manufacturers of other countries, thanks to a decent level of product quality and low price! Or at least in our recommendations, almost all the suggested options are products from Chinese engineers with a price under 50 and 100 dollars.

So let's get down to our really interesting review that will help you choose the best portable wireless speakers for you.

Riptunes Elite speaker: best design

Riptunes Elite speaker: the best design

For sure, most of you shuddered with delight when you saw this space design from Riptunes in the photo! Perhaps this is the nominee for the best design in 2020 among portable wireless speakers and this pedestal will remain behind it for a long time!

This audio accessory will undoubtedly become a decoration of your interior and will cause amazement in many. You may have already guessed that this "audio drop" is intended only for the home and is not equipped with a battery.

This form of design, not only looks good, it also has a positive effect on the sound. Such rounded boxes reduce standing waves and have the smoothest frequency response among other types of cases.

In addition to the correct shape, this "drop" is equipped with five speakers. In the center there is one subwoofer, two mid-basses and high-frequency speakers on the edges, which certainly gives a well-detailed sound. There are no passive radiators here, instead of them, there are two bass ports on the back side, so do not expect a very deep bass.

If you like this solution from Riptunes, hurry up, while the price of this device is $100 on Amazon. It is obvious that now the price is lowered specifically for the promotion of the product and will soon be higher!

DOSS SoundBox XL speaker: best for bass

DOSS SoundBox XL speaker: the best for bass

The next candidate simply amazes with its powerful bass at small dimensions!

Engineers of this product were able to fit in a compact case two mid-bass speakers and one subwoofer that swings two more passive bass radiators. All this bass filling is on the front side, that is, the bass wave hammers, not in different directions like most competitors, but only forward, which many fans of deep bass will definitely like!

This little sound monster is so powerful that at more than half the volume it starts jumping on the surface. Do not think that the abundance of bass somehow negatively affected the sound quality, no, and this little monster sounds very good not only for their money, but also will give a head start to some more expensive competitors.

What is unusual, the design of this bass monster, sustained aristocratic and more suitable for the home or office. Moreover, it does not provide protection from dust and moisture. But, the device is equipped with a battery that holds up to 10 hours of operation at half volume of sound, therefore, the mobile mode is not excluded.

This bass monster is available at a price to everyone, only about $70.

SCIJOY WT-003 speaker: best station wagon

SCIJOY speaker: the best station wagon

This compact audio device costs an average of only $30-40 and at the same time more than closes all questions for the ordinary buyer of such gadgets Compact device from SCIJOY, has a decent design with protection from water and dust according to the IPX6 standard. This means that you can use this audio gadget at home and in nature or on the beach, and maybe even in the shower!

Despite its small size, the volume of sound is enough for you. Two speakers of 9 watts and two passive bass radiators, give a full-fledged sound without distortion. At the same time, the sound quality is also at a decent level.

Don't you have enough volume of sound?! Then connect a second, similar SKYJOY speaker with the TWS function and enjoy expanded stereo sound!

Playing time at medium volume is 12+ hours. There is also a built-in microphone that works with Siri or for phone calls.

The product from SCIJOY is probably one for many of the best options in our top ranking due to the lowest price and combination of high quality.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 speaker: best for home

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 speaker: the best for home

Updated version of onyx Studio 4 from Harman Kardon, just perfect! And not only in its price range, Onyx Studio 4 will also give a head start to more expensive competitors! And Yes, if you decide to save money and buy a wireless speaker for home at a cheaper price, it's still better to add a few dollars and buy Onyx Studio 4, especially since the price ranges in diapason $80-130 and is available to many.

Secondly, Onyx Studio 4 stands out for its level of sound quality. The case is equipped with two two-way speakers that work in stereo mode. And one bass passive radiator on the front panel and a second on the back. The result is a balanced, powerful sound without wheezing at high power.

Third, Onyx Studio 4 has a modern design that will appeal to most and will look good in any interior.

And in the fours, Onyx Studio 4 stands out for its technical content. Here you can access Siri or Google. With HK connect +, you can build a multiroom connection of up to 100 speakers. There is also a rechargeable battery that will allow you to enjoy the sound up to 8 hours of operation.

Asimom Jewel Pro speaker: best for home

Asimom Jewel Pro speaker: premium sound diamond

The Jewel Pro model from Asimom is a direct competitor to Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4, but not quite. Despite the design similarities, the Jewel Pro has its own hardware and sound differences. In addition, this device is more compact and the price is slightly lower than Onyx Studio 4. The price in the range of $60-70. All these features are the main reason for getting of Jewel Pro, into our rating of Bluetooth speakers.

In Jewel Pro, two mid-bass speakers are installed on the front panel, which are responsible for the upper bass, middle and high frequencies in stereo mode. In the center is an active subwoofer and a passive bass radiator. The sounds Jewel Pro, without distortion and is very complete for its cost, but still not as convincing as Onyx Studio 4.

Jewel Pro can be paired second device to improve with stereo sound and increase overall volume using TWS technology. In addition to wireless connection, you can use a TF card or AUX-IN for listening.

But Jewel Pro is not equipped with a battery and works only from the power supply. Therefore, the device will always be tied to an electrical outlet.

Anker Soundcore Motion+ speaker: best for audiophiles

Anker Soundcore Motion+ speaker: the best for audiophiles

Compact Soundcore Motion+ is a great solution for active lifestyle and travel. This gadget will not take up much space wherever you are and wherever you put it. Its size allows it to easily fit even in a small bag. High level of protection from water and dust IPX7, allows you to use the device in the most severe weather conditions. And playing music up to 12 hours is quite enough for small trips.

But its most important feature, which distinguishes it from other competitors, is the audiophile filling. This small gadget has a Hi-Res Audio codec that transmits from Bluetooth 5.0 audio using Qualcomm aptX technology. There are also separate power supplies for each of the two low-frequency speakers. The presence of tweeters increases the accuracy of the sound. In the center is a one passive bass radiator. In result the frequency range extends from 50 Hz to 40 kHz! You can also build a wireless stereo pair by connecting same device.

In General, Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a portable device not just for audiophiles, but for extreme audiophiles! $80 average price.

Archeer A320 speaker: best aesthetics

Archeer A320 speaker: the best aesthetic

For several years in a row, many people choose the Archer A320 primarily because of its design and low price ($40-50). In reality, this gadget with a natural bamboo front and back panel looks much better than in the photo and will easily fit into any interior. Its other four sides are finished with decorative fabric, which is very well combined with bamboo panels.

This design also has a disadvantage: bamboo can react to humidity and deform. But the developers were initially focused on creating acoustics for home use, as indicated in the product description. Although mobility is not excluded, there is a battery that holds up to 11 hours of music playback.

Archer A320, not only looks good, but also reproduces sound with dignity. There is a bass, thanks to the presence of a subwoofer in the center and a bass port on the back side. But on some recordings, distortion may occur at high volume, due to not quite correct bass sport settings.

Another small minus is the lack of silicone gaskets on the bottom of the case. That is, the case is installed on the bottom of fabric and bamboo, which can cause not only rapid wear and dirt on the body, but also negatively affect the sound due to vibrations.

EarFun UBOOM speaker: the best for active life

EarFun UBOOM speaker: the best for lifestyle

EarFun UBOOM is a direct competitor to Bose SoundLink Revolve. And the device from Bose loses to it because of the cost, which is three times lower ($50 VS $150 and the presence of additional functions that Bose does not have.

The ambient sound in the UBOOM design is implemented by placing the speakers on opposite sides of the case. That is. this is not quite an entirely honest sound, but still, in practice, it does not cause problems. At the very bottom of the cylinder, there are two speakers with a diameter of 4.5 cm and a power of 12 watts. And above these speakers, there are two more passive bass radiators, which are almost three times more. It is not difficult to guess that the sound of this cylinder is very good power! The developers also took care of not only the power, but also the sound quality, and perhaps UBOOM sounds a little better than SoundLink Revolve! And if you want more powerful sound, connect the second cylinder via True Wireless Stereo using Bluetooth 5.0.

Another nice bonus, the gadget is protected from the external environment by IPX7 Protocol and works up to 16 hours on the battery. That is, everything is created so that you can lead an active lifestyle listening to your favorite music!

Ikea Eneby speakers: best for home

Ikea Eneby speakers: best for home

Suddenly, the company IKEA, which is a world giant in the production of furniture, has released its nine models of Bluetooth speakers. It would seem, how can a furniture company make an audio product that can compete with the world's companies that have been producing audio for decades?! It turns out that models from IKEA can also be a very good purchase! Namely, two models of ENEBY.

The difference between these models is in size, power and the small model have a handle for carrying the device. The older model has two bass speakers and one high-frequency, and the younger one has one bass speaker and one high-frequency. Everything else is same.

You may think that the Scandinavian design is very dry, but in General, models from IKEA will easily fit into any interior and will please not only your eyes but also your hearing. Despite the fact that these devices reproduce mono sound, in General, the design for sound was so successful that the sound strikes you with its integrity, volume, scale, bassiness. Especially, these advantages are more evident in the big model, where two mid-bass speakers are installed (the younger one has one) and one high-frequency one. The massive bass port is displayed on the back side and therefore, these Scandinavian speakers should not be placed near wall, as recommended by IKEA.

Here is no built-in battery and therefore, this Scandinavian friends should be located only near the outlet. The cost of the younger model is $ 49, the older model is sold for $ 79.

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM speakers: best for party
Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM speakers: best for party

The HYPERBOOM model from Ultimate Ears is specially designed for parties. The developers really took into account all the necessary nuances in the design and Ultimate Ears, and perhaps the result was simply excellent! The main thing is not to be put off by the price of $399.99.

First, it's power! In a rectangular case, on all four sides there are two 114 mm mid-bass speakers, two passive radiators and two high-frequency ones. This design of the speakers location allows you to effectively voice the area where your party is taking place. Well, if you do not have enough power, the design allows you to connect an additional second HYPERBOOM, so that they work in pairs. There is also an Adaptive equalizer that reads space and automatically adjusts for optimal sound.

HYPERBOOM is portable. It has a battery with a working mode of up to 24 hours. There is also a belt for easy transportation of this not small friend to parties.

In addition to Bluetooth, which has a record range of up to 45 meters, HYPERBOOM has a digital optical input and a 3.5 mini Jack. There is protection from the environment IPX4

Denon Home 350 speakers: best for home music
Denon Home 350 speakers: best for home music

At the beginning of 20020, Denon updated its line of wireless home speakers, releasing three models under the Home series: 150, 250 and 350. All models have a special filling focused on listening to music in Hi-Res quality from most popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music etc, using not only Bluetooth, but also Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, or USB and 3.5 mm aux input.

The "Home 350", the oldest model, is significantly different in sound from its younger models and for this reason it is worth paying attention to if you are looking for an "omnivorous station wagon" for a home that sounds good. The model is equipped with six speakers: two tweeters, two medium basses, one subwoofer in the center of the front and one bass passive emitter in the back. The sound of the "Home 350" is quite adult, full-fledged. It is even better to create a stereo pair of two "Home 350" using the proprietary HEOS application or add a Denon DSW-1H wireless subwoofer for more powerful bass. There are also "multi-room" options.

The entire "Home" series does not have a built-in battery and only works from an outlet. The cost of the older model is $699.

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