How to choose a laptop pad

How to choose a laptop pad

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Special soft cooling pad for laptop

Most of us have permanently replaced large and bulky personal computers with compact and easy-to-use laptops. Only now compact assistants often have one very big drawback a weak cooling system, which is due to the fact that the coolers consume a large amount of energy. This significantly reduces the battery life.

Naturally, for manufacturers the installation of really effective, but very energy-intensive coolers is not profitable. Therefore, the user must think about his "friend" and choose for him a mobile and comfortable enough pad, which at the same time will play the role of the cooler. Only how to choose the right cooling pad for your laptop?

Choosing this useful accessory, which you will use for a very long time, be sure to consider all the details. For example, you need to start with varieties of pad, which is most suitable for you. If, for example, most often the laptop is on your lap, it is better to choose a pad with a special internal soft filling. This accessory can provide quite comfortable and convenient work with the device (Pic.). At the same time, there is no significant decrease in the temperature of its internal systems.

If the laptop will pad on the table, it is desirable to purchase a hard pad. At the same time, most models of devices already have special holes on the bottom, which are often enough for full cooling of the device. In this case, keep in mind that the cooling efficiency depends on the level of the ventilated surface.

Laptop cooling pad with coolers

As for the more expensive models of devices, they are already equipped with additional coolers. This accessory is a must for people who play powerful games on a laptop or use "heavy" programs. External cooling devices are able to quickly and effectively reduce the overall temperature of the laptop and, accordingly, minimize the likelihood of overheating and disconnection of the equipment from the protection (Pic.).

If you are actively using a laptop for high-load CPU or video card applications, it is best if the bottom of the laptop will be cooled by at least three fans and that are really able to create a cold stream of air. The ideal options are six fans that completely cover the bottom of the stand. The fact is that, in almost all models, the fans are powered by the USB port, where the power are low and therefore the speed of rotation of the fans is very low, which means that the air flow will be weak. And placing the fans in a narrow space makes it difficult to run the air. Therefore, it may be better to look for options with a parallel fan that works as a turbine and air circulation is not hindered by anything (Pic.).

It should also be remembered that the cooling properties will directly depend on what material was used for the manufacture of the pad. In particular, pads made of aluminum in this respect is much better than plastic. But there is one very serious drawback in such products, they have considerable price.

The colling with paired fan

Another important point, it's folding device for compact carrying. This is also worth paying attention to. Moreover, some products can be changed for ease of use and the angle of inclination. Thanks to these features, you can achieve maximum convenience and effectively cool the device.

If you decide to make the final choice of this accessory for a laptop, then consider the size of the device. Do not forget that the laptops has legs and with their help rests on the table-top, and not adjacent to it completely.

In some varieties of supports provided USB-ports, which in some ways compensate for the lack of data devices in the laptop. This feature is also worth paying attention, especially if you often have to connect a lot of additional peripherals.

When choosing this accessory for your laptop you need to immediately pay attention to some important points.

  • The dimensions of the cooling pad must match the dimensions of the laptop. Otherwise, the cooling may be insufficient, and the laptop will become uncomfortable and unstable.
  • If you buy a pad with coolers, ask the seller to test the pad to check it for noise. Some models can make a roar, like a jet engine, which, of course, can not please absolutely anyone.
  • Pay attention to the various additional "buns", it can be compartments for storing all sorts of little things like flash drives and memory cards, additional USB-ports or built-in speakers.
  • Try the weight pad. If you intend to transport it often with your laptop, choose a lighter model. If it will be constantly at home-buy high-quality, heavy aluminum model.
  • Note the change in the angle of inclination. This feature is very useful because it often helps to increase comfort while using your laptop.
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