How to choose a surge protector

How to choose a surge protector

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Most people do not understand the real purpose of the surge protector and its necessary level of quality for correct work with audio, video, computer equipment in the house. Therefore, it is usually bought what was in store and what closer was on a shelf, some sort of "incomprehensible box" with sockets. In the end, usually after the first significant energy jump, this purchase turns into a loss of equipment or the surge protector.

So, what is the role of the surge protector? The first, the most important purpose of the surge protector, is to protect the connected equipment from voltage jumps in the power network. And only then filtering the current from network interference and noise that gradually reduce the life of electronics. In addition to protection, high-quality filtering current in the network, also improves the sound of the audio system and the image of the TV or computer monitor.

On the market, quality filters are not so much, and in addition, many companies greatly overstate the price of their products. One of the brands offering worthy power conditioning corresponding to the price is the American company Belkin.

Surge protector Belkin a worthy choice

Belkin pure AV protect isolator 8

For example, the test of the budget surge protector "Belkin pure AV protect isolator 8" (Pic.) showed, that the filter copes with voltage drops and is suitable as a protection not only for home theater, but also for computer equipment better than UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

With the surge protector Belkin, technique earned more correctly, stabile. Very pleased the smooth operation of the filter at power surges and power outages. Also, the filter, in contrast to the UPS, copes with various noise emanating from the electrical devices connected to the neighboring sockets of the house.

But the level of filtering network interference was weak, despite the fact that the manufacturer promises a significant improvement in image and sound quality. And if you are looking a filter for improve the image of the TV and the sound of your home theater, then you should look at the more expensive models. In addition, the filter is "sick" interference from neighboring sockets, which again brings a minus in considering it as a filter from interference.

But the price of the filter, it costs about $70-80, even if you don't consider him luxury aluminum case Belkin pure AV surge, is possible maximum for your money. And we can confidently say that the filter is worth the money for sure. This surge protector can be recommended for entry-level home theaters and for connecting computer equipment.

Unfortunately, in the many stores the price of this filter is very high, usually the price ranges from $150 to $250. And if you are targeting this filter, you will have to look for it for a long time at a fair price.

Power conditioning IsoTek EVO3 Corvus

In addition to quality and price, all Belkin surge protectors have a lifetime warranty and company undertakes to pay for the burned equipment if the filter can not cope with the voltage drops.


If you step into the price category above, we will see that almost all surge protectors have no power button and 1-4 separate sockets without filtering, for example "IsoTek EVO3 Corvus" (Pic.). The fact, is that the power button creates additional noise in the current and the sockets without filtering are made specifically for power amplifiers, since filtering the power amplifier adversely affects its sound character. Such negative effects will not be noticed on audio, video equipment of the budget class, but for owners of equipment of a class above: audiophiles and professionals working with a sound, the similar construction of the power conditioning will be very actual.

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