How to choose a smartphone

How to choose a smartphone

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The leading manufacturers of mobile phones have so saturated the modern market with their high-tech products that it is not difficult to get lost in the abundance of various brands, hardware and software solutions.

Developers can understand: more and more people can not imagine their lives without the presence of a number of indispensable assistant - smartphone. The gadget sends short messages, demonstrates web pages, navigates and even makes contactless purchases with the help of modern NFC-technology.

So engineers are trying to cover their attention, the largest possible audience of users, trying to take into account the preferences of each. A simple man in the hard - he often just falls into despair, not being able to fully understand how vital it is for him to have this or that technological experience in the phone.

Let's try to consider a few basic principles that can greatly simplify the process of choosing the smartphone you need.

Which smartphone operating system to choose

IOS or Android

Almost all modern smartphones are able to work with e-mail, connect to the Internet, provide voice and video communication, support SMS exchange and display multimedia content.

A choice based only on these capabilities will quickly lead you to a dead end. Try to compare the mobile operating systems on which modern gadgets are based, evaluate the database of applications developed for them, and the presence of a user-friendly interface in the phone. To date, the most popular in the world are Android platforms from Google and iOS from Apple.

iOS is the fastest operating system, all applications though mostly paid, but carefully checked by Apple for possible viruses. Many people like the" Apple " product for its elegant interface, well-established work of the App Store and unsurpassed quality of media functions.

However, smartphones based on the Android platform are sold much more today. This popularity is due to the openness of the code of this OS, which allows third-party developers to create a huge number of useful applications for it. At the same time, the policy of strict control and closure of its own ecosystem, which is practiced by Apple, causes irritation among many buyers.

You can, of course, consider other mobile systems, say, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS or BADA, but they are either experiencing not the best of their times, or their market share is not comparable to the position of the leaders.

Having decided on the operating system, you should make sure that your potential choose is supported by its latest version. Otherwise, many new applications will not work on older versions of the OS.

Which smartphone screen to choose


No less important is the correct choice of the smartphone display, because it is responsible for the quality of visual information display. When choosing a display, you should pay attention to its size, aspect ratio and resolution.

The larger the screen, the more information can be displayed at any given time. On the big screen it will be more convenient to read, view photos and videos or play games. The diagonal of modern smartphones ranges from 3 to 6 inches. In fact, a device with a 6-inch screen is a hybrid of a tablet-smartphone.

At the same time, displays can differ not only in size but also in aspect ratio - this parameter is crucial for people who plan to view movies, videos and photographs on their gadget. There are several display aspect ratio standards (3:2, 5:3, 16:9), - choose what should be in your personal preferences.

The resolution of the screen determines the clarity of the image. There are many standards of permissions, and there is no need to list them. Note that the most acceptable and common resolution for 4 inches is 480 by 800 pixels. It is not recommended to take less, but higher – please, the higher the screen resolution, the more detailed the image and the clearer the text will be.

Screen technology is responsible for image quality. Simplistically, we can say that all the rich variety of smartphone displays (Super LCD (1,2,3), TrueHD IPS+, Super Amoled HD+, PureMotion HD+ or Retina) is based on two common technologies: LCD and AMOLED.

LCD is a long-known and time-tested liquid crystal system. IPS is the same liquid crystal system, but significantly improved. AMOLED displays built on organic light emitting diodes. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. AMOLED and IPS screens provide greater viewing angles, more contrast and rich colors (Pic.). In addition, AMOLED screens consume less power than LCD screens. But the LCD displays do not fade and perfectly show the picture in the bright sun.

Often the displays of modern smartphones are covered with a special protective glass coating, such as Gorilla Glass. This protection has increased resistance to shock or scratches, but is not 100% protection against external factors.

Which smartphone performance to choose

Smartphone benchmark test

The performance of a smartphone is one of the most important factors that customers often pay attention to. It is directly related to the characteristics of the on-Board processor, graphics subsystem, as well as the size and type of RAM used. In addition, the ability of development engineers to optimally link the software and hardware of the smartphone is of great importance.

Everyone wants the smartphone to be able to show movies in hight-resolution, allowed to play the most modern and realistic games, but at the same time kept the charge with a long time and did not hang. However, the reverse side of this pleasure will be a shorter battery life. In addition, smartphones with such characteristics will cost much more.

When choosing a hardware filling, pay attention to the specified in the technical parameters: processor power (Hz) and the amount of RAM (DDR). If you plan to play on a smartphone or watch HD-movies, you should buy a smartphone with a processor of at least 1,000 Hz and a RAM of 1Gb.

But not always dry figures will tell the exact performance of the gadget. Since the speed is affected by the installed operating system and the balanced operation of the filling. Therefore, if you are chasing the fastest smartphone, you should pay attention to the performance tests (Pic.).

How to choose a smartphone camera

Smartphone cameras test

It is better if the smartphone has two installed cameras: front and rear. Rear camera (usually more powerful), is designed to create high-quality images and video. Front camera, you will need for provide video communication when talking, for example on Skype.

Modern and expensive models of smartphones are usually equipped with flashes, automatic focusing systems and even use BIS technology, which allows shooting in low light conditions.

However, the quality of the images and recorded video is not so dependent on the resolution of the matrix (measured in MP), as the balanced operation of the hardware and software of the smartphone, the quality of optics.

When choosing a camera, it is best to be right in the cabin to take a few pictures of the on-Board camera and evaluate the result. Or use the reviews containing pictures taken by the gadget (Pic.).

With which battery to choose a smartphone

Smartphone battery life

Remember that the more functional and modern is your smartphone, the more battery it will consume in the process him work.

The duration of the cycle of a full discharge of the battery depends on many factors: speaking activity, time spent on the Network, the included additional modules (Bluetooth, GPS), the distance from the base tower, time and frequency of watching videos, pictures, games and many other moments. In short, everything that requires constant backlight and significant energy consumption.

Therefore, we can say that the greater the capacity of the battery installed on the smartphone (measured in mAh), the better. However, increasing the capacity of the battery inevitably leads to an increase in the size of the battery itself, which is not always pleasant to consumers. As always, it is best to stick to the Golden mean and be sure to get acquainted with the time of continuous operation of the smartphone in different modes of use, which is indicated in the technical documentation of the manufacturer.

As for the battery technology, almost all modern gadgets use Li-ion (lithium-ion) or more modern Li-polymer (lithium-polymer) batteries, which replaced the less practical Nickel.

How to choose form factor of smartphone

Asus ROG Phone

It is known that smartphones equipped with a touch screen are less thick compared to push-button gadgets. In addition, they have a more user-friendly interface, providing easy Internet surfing and easy viewing of multimedia content.

The lack of hardware buttons allows third-party developers to implement their innovative solutions, not caring that they do not fit to different models of gadgets.

However, some users who prefer a quick set of text messages prefer traditional QWERTY keyboards, which make it easier to cope with the task.

It is clear, that the hardware keyboard leads either to an increase in the thickness of the sliders, or to a decrease in the size of the screen in mono blocks.

Note, some manufacturers, such as Sony, indulge fans of games the presence of a retractable QWERTY-keyboard and console control. Or like "Asus ROG Phone" equipped with two screens for games (Pic.).

Conclusion: fundamental functions of the smartphone

Most often people buy phones with a wide range of functions "just in case", hoping that they will ever need them. However, this is a wrong decision, leading to throwing money away.

To avoid this error, you should identify the eight most important functions of the device for you and arrange them in order of importance. Usually these are:

  • voice quality;
  • ease of sending messages;
  • the ability to obtain high-quality photos and videos;
  • multimedia content playback and web access;
  • built-in memory capacity to store various files and support additional memory cards;
  • support for more than one SIM card;
  • GPS-navigation and similar functions;
  • impact resistance and protection against external factors.

Having considered the main features, you can expand the selection criteria.


Price - this criterion plays a significant role in the purchase of anything, and even more high-tech. Therefore, buying a smartphone, it is best to proceed from their real capabilities.

Those who hope to save money by buying expensive gadgets on credit or by purchasing locked under a certain operator smartphones, I want to remind you: stingy and cunning still more pay the full cost of the purchased goods. Only done this will be more elegant and subtle.

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