Smartphone and phone differences

Smartphone and phone differences

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What is a smartphone? You probably know that "smartphone" is have "smart phone". And you're not the first who thought about the question: what's so smart about this phone? And how is it different from a regular cell phone?

In a nutshell, "buy a smartphone" means to purchase not only a phone but also a small personal computer, two in one. These devices (before they were called smartphones or PDAs) have become popular, as it allows to use email and browse text files.

According to the latest studies, the use of the Communicator as a phone of the average owner is only in fifth place. On the first - web browsing, then-social networks, music and games. The smartphone is also often used for e-mail, SMS, online video viewing, photo and video shooting.

And this is not all the features of the Communicator. After all, the original purpose of the handheld is a portable organizer. And it can literally become your personal assistant, because it has such useful functions as systematization of contacts, formation of the task list and synchronization with the computer. But that's not all.

Learn about the five main features of the smartphone that distinguish it from the usual cell.

Main differences between a smartphone and a regular cell phone

  • Powerful operating system. Smartphone, unlike conventional mobile, based on such operating systems that allow you to run and download any application. The most famous OSes for smartphones are iOS (Apple), Windows Phone (Microsoft) and Android OS (Google).
  • Speed Internet access. All smartphones provide access to the Internet. At the same time, more powerful devices allow you to get this access at high speeds by connecting to data networks or Wi-Fi.
  • Applications. Even the most inexpensive mobile phones are now equipped with any software, such as an address book. But the PDA's capabilities are incomparably wider. At a minimum, it allows you to create and edit text documents, images, and music playlists.
  • Mail, chats. Unlike a regular phone, a smartphone is able to synchronize your personal and work email accounts. This means that with a smartphone you can "be at your work computer" almost at any time and anywhere in the space! Many smartphones also include access to popular instant messaging services and allow you to chat.
  • Virtual keyboard. The smartphone includes a function such as a touch keyboard or QWERTY keyboard, where the keys are located exactly the same as on the computer. This is useful, for example, when you enter Internet passwords, which are often set based on the computer layout.

These are only some of the features of clever! Innovations also appear almost every day. We do not yet know the capabilities that the smartphone will have next month or next year. Learn, learn and use!

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