Improve TV or monitor image

Improve TV or monitor image

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Having a TV or monitor, many people do not even suspect that a TV or monitor is capable on the significantly best image quality.

A good image on the screen allows you to get the most positive emotions from watching videos, TV shows, video games, and just pleasing to the eye.

In the case of a monitor, a good image is not only positive emotions from computer entertainment, but also reducing the load on the eyes, maintaining vision. And sometimes the need for professional application.

Ways to improve the image of the TV or monitor

Cabel QED Reference Aerial M-M

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the interface to connect the screen with the video source. The best connection option for video transmission is digital interfaces: dvi, hdmi, displayport. These interfaces are far superior to analog counterparts in terms of video quality and allow simultaneous transmission of the audio signal, thus avoiding additional audio cables when transmitting sound to the TV or monitor speakers.

In addition to the optimal choice of video interface, it is necessary to choose the right digital video cable, corresponding to the class and parameters of the video source and screen. High-quality video cable will reduce noise, glare, increase color saturation and contrast of the image. But not on budget screens, as they say - miracles do not happen. The quality of the digital video cable is especially important for connecting top 8-bit (or more) displays of large diagonal and, if necessary, passing a long path of the video signal from the source to the display. Poor-quality video cables or adapters may degrade the image or prevent you from transmitting the highest possible resolution of refresh rate of the vertical scan.

High resolution, plays a significant role in building the best image. Therefore, for digital broadcasting and video source like: PC, DVD or Blu-Ray media player, you must use the highest possible resolution in the video source and display settings.

Transmission of terrestrial or satellite signal, also needs a quality antenna cable, which can significantly improve the picture of terrestrial TV channels. For example, as an antenna cable for satellite and terrestrial broadcasting - QED Reference Aerial M-M (Pic.). And the presence of ferrite filters in the cable reduces the static voltage, which will prevent the appearance of broken pixels in the display matrix.

To improve the image of terrestrial broadcasting channels, it is possible to purchase a separate TV tuner of a higher class than the one installed in the TV. At the same time, setting up any TV tuner, do not forget about the color system of broadcasting channels and choose the best system-NTSC.

The frequency of the vertical scan - 60Hz VS 144Hz

For a more significant increase in the image of the TV or monitor, it is also recommended to replace the factory fuse with an special - audiophile quality, choose a network filter with optimized filtering for video and experiment with power cables. Thus, thanks to the power cable and a high-quality fuse, the image will acquire color saturation and become more contrast. A specialized network filter connected to the display and video source will not only save the image from network noise and give the image smoothness, detail, but also keep the connected equipment from voltage drops, which will extend its service life.

The frequency of the vertical scan of the screen, no less important parameter for building a realistic image. The higher the refresh rate of the screen, the more frames per second are played (Pic.), which reduces pixel twitch and makes the image smoother, more realistic.

Almost all models of TVs or monitors come on store shelves with uncalibrated matrices. Competent screen calibration will make the image more natural. Calibration of the screen, you can make your own with the help of commercially available calibrators or ask for the service of professionals.

Additional improving the image of the TV or monitor

  • High-quality hdmi-cable, fuse, power cable and network filter will not only significantly increase the level of the TV or monitor image, but also the sound.

  • When buying a network filter, expensive cables, you should consult with professional sellers and take advantage of pre-wiretapping at home.

  • In a darkened room, the image on the screen will look more contrast.

  • Top-end TVs and video sources, preferably installed on special AV-rack with vibration. Such AV-racks not only have an aesthetic appearance, but also improve the image and sound quality of the electronics installed in them thanks to vibration isolation.

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