Review speakers: Yamaha NX-B55

Review speakers: Yamaha NX-B55

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I've been putting off buying computer speakers for a long time. For simple reasons, I could not find something as compact and at the same time with worthy of sounding.

Speakers Yamaha NX-B55 with out grill

Speakers Yamaha NX-B55, I bought it by accident. One day I was passing by the Yamaha brand store, and I looked in the shop window in the hope to see something interesting for me. And I saw a discount of $70 for small speaker Yamaha NX-B55 worth $200! It's pushed me to do a test in the store, because maybe for me it's not bad acoustics for the first time. Moreover, $200 is the cost for mini speakers and with Bluetooth connection, which should have had a positive impact on the level of sound quality. So, I got my offer which was fine with me in all my criteria except one, I knew that in the future, I will still need something above the class of sound for my sound satisfaction.

I inter to the store and asked the seller to do a test. The seller quickly connected his computer to speakers from Bluetooth and launched a music video on YouTube. And I was disappointed, it sounded awful, like the cheapest plastic speakers for the computer! I fell into a stupor for 10 minutes... But, nevertheless I decided to buy it.

When I came home, I opened the box in which was the expected set: power supply, 3.5 mm Jack cable, two speakers and instructions. I hooked these kids up to my laptop from Bluetooth. And OMG, they sound good at home! I guess the store had a very large hall that created an echo or it was not very high quality recording from YouTube. In addition, during the test listening, the acoustics stood on a glass case that could sing along.

Despite the fact that the corps of this model are made badly (I noticed it immediately and understood how it will affect the sound, even before the purchase), in General, the sound was very good and sometimes even "adults". Middle frequency like vocals and guitar playing are quite convincing. Electronic music also sounded decent, there was rhythm and bass. Thanks to this model, I fell in believed with full range speakers.

Speakers Yamaha NX-B55 inside

But still, it was a shame that the thin plastic case very much resonated and the port of the bass created a buzz. Of course and cable here were used "free" of charge, that also affected the sound. Also, I was disappointed with the headphone amplifier, it simply cannot be used, even a Chinese USB sound card worth $1 will be much better in sound.

A month later, I decided to try to fix the construction flaws. Namely, I try to get rid of the bass buzz. Having disassembled acoustics, I saw that within virtually there is no absorber (only on the back wall was felt), that should was be one reason buzz. I put felt all over the sides of the corps inside, assembled it and started listening. The sound changed, the humming became less, the detailing of the middle frequencies increased and the bass became more collected, but the bass decreased, which was to be expected, because the volume of the body decreased. But in General I liked the sound more, so I decided to leave the changes.

To correct the buzz of bass port and increase the bass, I decided to make a tube in the tube, thus should increase to the length of the tube and minimize the shortcomings of the bass port of Yamaha. I made a cylinder out of cardboard long 10 cm and a width of about 2.5 cm and glued on the rear wall of the corp of speaker, that is Yamaha bass port was in the inside of the second port.

And here there were very interesting changes in the sound, it has changed dramatically and not only in the bass, changed the overall sound quality throughout the range. Bass gathered, almost completely disappeared hum, has more attack, but there was a slight accent on upper bass (I think it's not correct setting port of bass reflex probably it very narrows). Playback of medium and high frequencies has increased so much that it became clearly audible flaws MP3 and listen to music on YouTube was simply unbearable, especially the mixes of many disc jockeys! And for example, on the compositions of the group Moloko, I heard a hard compression - probably it was done specifically to "this sounded on the cheapest sound systems". By chance, I started "Sting - Shape of My Heart" a song that I have never been interested in, suddenly sounded very emotional, I did not notice how to listen to it until the end! After followed by "Eric Clapton - Layla", etc. On these melodies I heard more emotional tints.

Speakers Yamaha NX-B55 front panel

Unfortunately, it became clearly audible and the singing of the plastic case and so much that sometimes it causes irritation! This defect began to manifest itself not only at the moment of reproduction of bass and percussion sounds, but also at some mid frequencies. In general, sometimes the sound is flat, closed especially in instrumental compositions, but in electronic music it is not very audible. And most likely this reason is not connected with the "monitor handwriting of sound" this speaker system, but with the use of low-quality cable.

Became heard and the level of the amplifier, DAC and "free wires". The amplifier is not suited for these speakers, you need something higher level (possibly a weak power supply), DAC acceptable for this class, and to comment on the level of the wire makes no sense, you understand.

Can I recommend this speaker system for purchase?! Hard to answer, too much "yes" and "no" in this model! But perhaps, it makes no sense to overpay $100-120 for the presence of Bluetooth, if there is no urgent need, because it is unlikely you will notice a difference in the sound when connected via cable to sound card of motherboard.

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