Monitor review: Acer XV340CK

Monitor review: Acer XV340CK

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Can this model be called a people's model?! Or maybe this model is the best among the monitors in 2020 for most users?! Perhaps, yes. And this is probably what the developers tried make...

And so, let's find out from our review of the Acer Nitro XV340K monitor whether it is worth considering as a purchase for all tasks and why.

Review of the Acer XV340CK monitor form factor

The all sides of monitor Acer Nitro XV340CK

The monitor comes in an ordinary, unremarkable gray box. But those who understand at least a little about electronics may exclaim when they see the modestly specified monitor parameters.

The contents in the box are well packed of two foam lids that protect the inside from damage during transport. Which is important for those who buy online.

The box contains the monitor itself, a stand, and four VESA mounting bolts. HDMI, DP and USB cables.

Perhaps the design can only be evaluated positively. It is minimalistic, simple and neutral. There is no fashionable gaming lighting and curves lines. Only the leg of the stand with a VESA mount made in the form of a "plate" is not ordinary, but it merges with the table and it is almost invisible, but is the "plate" on the table takes a lot of space.

But this disadvantage of the stand is easy to forgive because of its functionality. It is complete and convenient. There is literally everything that is required from the stand: stability, reliability and the ability to rotate in all directions and set the height. Maybe, someone can don't like, what in the stand a missing cable channel.

If the front part does not stand out much, then the back side has something to consider. It turns out there is a handle on the back side at the top. And it can really be useful, for example, for installing a monitor on a VESA mount.

The back of monitor Acer Nitro XV340CK

Also, on back has two HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4 and USB 3.0. Have and the headphone jack. Separately, on the right is the connector for connecting the power cable (the power supply is built-in, which is also convenient). And most importantly, all the connectors are pointing down.

The speakers are also located on the back panel. By the way, these two speakers on 3 watts, good sounding and it is possible that many do not need additional acoustics. And at the bottom right of the menu and enable buttons, which is not very convenient. Although, this is not particularly important, because the menu is usually configured the first three days after purchase.

But I should be noticed, that the monitor is an exact copy of Acer CB342CK, only a different color of the stand. Or the same design as Iiyama XUB3493WQSU-B1, but with a different stand design.

Reviews of the Acer XV340CK monitor image quality

Well, finally, let's go to the most important thing to review the screen Acer Nitro XV340CK. In the XV340CK installed LSD matrix IPS type. This matrix has 8 honest bits, which can not but please, especially since it is necessary for a screen of this size or with a lower bitrate, color gradients will always be strongly visible. In General, the color palette looks very decent to the eye.

The image quality of monitor Acer Nitro XV340CK

According to the characteristics, the manufacturer promises color gamut NTSC 72% and for sRGB% 100. There is also HDR10. After connecting the monitor from HDMI via the "Wireworld Sphere" cable, the image pleases with even greater depth, volume, saturation, clean and correct color rendering. But, only the pronounced matte finish creates color dirt and reflections. And by eye the colors are much better than my 2014 iMac 27 but after setting in the menu. Of course, for professional designers, this monitor is not quite suitable, but in some cases it is possible to work in photo or with video, moreover the screen is not curved.

The screen, have Uneven backlighting, but they are not very pronounced. But in any case don't expect 100% image uniformity on such a large screen. I managed to improve the uniformity of lighting twice and the result pleased me, but for this I needed to disassemble the monitor. And the viewing angles are a little frustrated and the promised 178° is not here, and from about 130°, the image begins to fade and merge.

The matrix coating is matte and not weakly expressed. On a white background, this coating creates dirty and "crystalline effect". But in games and movies, this is not noticeable and, on the contrary, will only have a positive effect. A long time working with text behind this monitor does not cause eye fatigue, only a slight discomfort from noise on a white background. The text is displayed very clearly and this is due to the pixel density of 109ppi and the optimal resolution of 3400x1440 for the size of such a screen. The screen does not flicker, and the "Eye Safety" technology clearly works very well.

The menu of monitor Acer Nitro XV340CK

The high refresh rate of 100Hz for HDMI and 144Hz for DP, also eliminates flickering, not just the need for dynamic scenes in videos and games. In addition to the high of refresh rate for dynamic scenes, the matrix has a low response of 1ms. But in overclocking mode. To do this, select the "Extreme" level in the menu, and you can choose the average speed or disable it completely. And if this is not enough, for gamers there is an option "FreeSync" which is compatible with "G-Sync" (not applicable when HDR is enabled) and "ultra low latency", and "VRB".

In general, you can achieve a very smooth image, but sometimes with very pronounced artifacts. The fact is that there are can be in the jerks of image and this can be seen when scrolling websites not only on dynamic scenes with "Ultra Low Latency" option. What in fact, don't need, because this option very good works from Nvidia driver setting.

In addition to artifacts, these overclocking and "Color temp." options conflict with the screen brightness level, which can be automatically lowered without the ability to raise the brightness. And the image will be dark, because the brightness is 250 cd/m2. Therefore, you will have to struggle with the settings for a long time to find the optimal solution for yourself.

Insufficient brightness level is the main problem of this monitor, which can discourage many from buying. But for myself, I overcome this barrier, I was able to customize the menu and got an amazing picture, which makes me happy. Also, I really want to get rid of the matte finish, which also steals brightness of the screen. And all the options for gamers I ended up disabling (used only over drive at the maximum + HDR)or I have artifacts that in the game does not allow me to get good results.

Verdict of the Acer XV340CK monitor

Acer Nitro XV340CK inside

The abundance of advanced options led to chaos or perhaps this is last year's model, but with an overclocked matrix and poorly optimized electronics. The monitor came to the market insufficiently tested and may scare an inexperienced user. We can only hope on the correction these errors in the new parties. But judging by the reviews, many people are satisfied with the monitor in everything, especially at a price of $450.

In general, this is an excellent monitor for most tasks, which means it can be called a people's model and can definitely be recommended for purchase. The main thing is to know what settings to make so as not to lose brightness.

There is a similar monitor, but released under a different brand. This is the Iiyama G-Master 34 (GB 3461 wqsu-B1) which has a slightly different design, completely similar characteristics, price and construction, but the brightness level is higher, it is 350 cd/m2. Perhaps you should pay attention to it, but it is not yet available on the market in the US.

And finally, let's see what is hidden inside the monitor (Pic.).

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