Take a screenshot (Snipping Tool)
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Take a screenshot (Snipping Tool)

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“Snipping Tool” (Scissors) — an application that is part of the Windows operating system, allowing you to take a screenshot and then save it to your computer. The program will allow the user to perform the basic operations to create a screenshot, without the help of other additional programs.

Application "Scissors", not the richest in functionality among its kind, but has the most necessary functionality in the set, as well as a few nice bonuses:

  1. Selecting screen capture options;

  2. Saving a screenshot in graphical format;

  3. Other built-in editing tools.

“How to run this program?” - you ask. “Snipping Tool” — Windows application, it is located in the standard Windows programs, which can be accessed from the start menu (Pic.).

Snipping Tool free mode

Another way to call the program: in the search bar Windows, enter the word “Snipping Tool” (without quotes). For more convenient use, the program can be fixed “Scissors” on the taskbar or on the home screen (in the “start” menu).

After launching the application, the program window will open. In different versions of Windows, the functionality of the program is about the same.

To change the application settings, push to “Settings” button. Here you can change the ink color and make other necessary settings. To select the type of screenshot, click the arrow in the “Mode” button. The program allows you to select the following parameters:

  • Free-form — the program will capture the area of the screen selected with the mouse cursor;

  • Rectangular — for the create of the rectangular screenshots;

  • Window — will be captured an open window on the screen (application or dialog);

  • Full screen — standard option for all similar programs - screenshot entire screen.

The menu also has, the "Delay" option will not be frequently used, but can sometimes be indispensable for you - intended to delay screen capture for 1-5 seconds.

Snipping Tool free mode

Once you have selected a certain type of screenshot and the required option, you can easily create your first screenshot — you just need to click on the “New” button.

The resulting image can be saved in one of supported formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG, or in a separate HTML file. To save, find the floppy disk icon in the menu. Click on it, in the window that opens, select the desired format and location to save to disk. Click on the "Save" button. If necessary, the screenshot can be sent by e-mail. Using a virtual printer, the image will be saved to a computer in PDF format.

And now let's look at one of the interesting features of the program, which is difficult to meet form competitors. For example, you want to cut a piece of a picture of the car from the desktop Wallpaper, which opens on the monitor screen in the appropriate program. To do this, you must first select the settings “Free mode” and begin to create a screenshot by clicking on “New”. Now start to select the desired object in the picture by holding the right mouse button. When you are done, release the mouse button and the program will automatically open a separate window with the selected object (Pic.).

Next, you can do with the resulting image as you want.

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