Take a screenshot on iPad, iPhone, iPod

Take a screenshot on iPad, iPhone, iPod

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Many people when using gadgets of Apple (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) want to capture a screenshot of their achievements in games, send a screenshot from the app, capture a funny moment from GTA... But not everyone knows that on an iOS device it's easier to do.

Now I'll show you two how to take a screenshot on example of my tablet - iPad. If the first sooner or later find almost everything, the second is hidden in the depths of the iOS operating system and few know about it. Of course, all of these methods are suitable for any mobile devices Apple.

On the iPad there are two main buttons Home (round button at the bottom of the screen) and Power (top on/off button iPad). Click these two buttons at the same time. The pressing must be fast. When the screen blinks for a moment (as with a camera flash) - it signal, what screenshot was taken.

Screenshot on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch via universal access

Menu Assistive Touch on iPad

Universal access is a function of Assistive Touch. It is intended for people with disabilities, but it is also used by ordinary people.

I will not dwell on the functionality of Assistive Touch, as there is a separate instruction. We are interested in one of the functions that is buried in the panel Assistive Touch.

First, we need to activate a special option on your gadget. No matter which Steve Jobs gadget you use, the setup process will be the same everywhere.

Turn on in the settings: Settings >General >Universal access and >Assistive Touch. Click the Assistive Touch button. Select "Device". Then click "More" - here and hiding of the "Screenshot" option.

If you press this button, the Assistive Touch panel will disappear for a moment and yours Apple gadget will take a screenshot of the current screen and will automatically save him (Photo).

Faq about screenshots on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

In this section I will tell you what else you need to know about screenshots on iOS. I did it in a Question-and-Answer format.

  • Where can I find screenshots? In the standard program "Photo". In the "Photos" section (at the bottom) or "Albums" (in the "all photos"album).
  • How to download screenshots to your computer? Can be done through export in the iTools program. If iCloud is enabled, screenshots as well as photos get to the cloud. They can be retrieved using the iCloud special app (for Windows) or the Photos app (in OS x Yosemite) or through the website icloud.com ahhh! Also in Windows you can extract screenshots via import. In Windows 8 or 10, you need to do this in the Photos app. Windows 7 and Vista should define iPad as a camera and offer to import Photos (including screenshots).
  • In what format does iPad take screenshots? In the format IMG_XXXX.PNG. The format is no different from the photo. Screenshot size is approximately 1.5 megabytes and above (for Retina display). The screenshot resolution is equal to the screen resolution (1024x768 for iPad, iPad Mini 1 and iPad 2; 2048x1536 for iPad 3, 4, Air, Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini for iPhone and iPod Touch its permissions.
  • I can't take a screenshot on my iPad, iPhone or iPod. What to do? If the first method does not help, then try the second. If in the second way the screenshot turned out, then you either have some problem with the Home or Power buttons (bring to the service), or you click them incorrectly. You have to press and release at the same time. Pressing should be very short.
  • One day in my practice, the screenshots were not created, helped restart the iPad. What it was I never found out and the problem was not repeated.
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