How to apply a screen protector

How to apply a screen protector

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Each owner of a brand-new touch phone (smartphone) or tablet is faced with the issue of protecting the screen from external damage. A special protective film helps to preserve the original appearance of the device.

She can be original (suitable for a specific model, has holes for buttons) and cut-out (a large piece is cut to the size of the phone or tablet). Most mobile phone shops offer film gluing services, but this pleasure is relatively expensive. Following the instructions, even a teenager can protect the screen of his gadget.

Most often, the protective film consists of 3 layers: bottom and top transport materials, and between them is directly the film itself. Everything you need is better to prepare in advance, then in the process not to be distracted by the little things.

Stages to apply film-protector on the screen

Apply film-protector on the screen step one

Necessary tool: protective film, cloth, plastic card (Bank or discount). If you use a protective film, that is not suitable for your gadget, you will also need other additional tools: tape (duct tape), sharp scissors, marker.

  1. Before you stick the film on your phone or tablet, you need to attach it and see if it fits perfectly. Even the original protection may not exactly match the size of the device. In this case, it should be carefully trimmed. In order to glue the film to the screen need good lighting in the room should be free of drafts. If everything is in order-proceed directly to the gluing.

  2. Remove the old film and carefully wipe the screen with a special cloth that comes in the kit. You can use any other soft, lint-free. It is possible to moisten a rag with liquid for cleaning of glasses, to wipe it the screen and to wait for full drying.

  3. Remove first 1/5 of the layer from film and attach to the top of the screen. If the film is laid perfectly - remove the shipping layer and at the same time, with the help of a plastic card, smooth the part that has already lay down.

  4. When the bottom layer (at number one) is completely removed, press the film along the edges. Even if she lay down somewhere badly, it is enough to use a plastic card on this part with a pressing movement several times.

Apply film-protector on the screen step two
  1. In cases where bubbles have formed, we consider them in detail. If they arose as a result of getting there villi, the film will have to lift and pull out this particle. For this point wrap the tape on the finger, so that its upper part is sticky. Raise the protection and use sticky finger for remove the mote. Glue the film back to the screen. If the bubbles are filled with air, it will be sufficient to smooth out this part with a card.

  2. Remove the upper transport layer (some protective films have without it). For this pull the strap to separate the top layer from the film itself. Do not make sudden movements, because you can tear off the protective material from the screen. After, you need a plastic card, which smoothest the film, wrap in a thin cloth to avoid scratches.

  3. View again the presence of bubbles, if they are not, wipe the screen with a cloth. On this gluing of the protective film will be complete.

Additional recommendations for apply screen-protectors

  • Before you use the non-original protection, it must be cut to the size of the screen of the gadget. Do not try to make holes for the buttons – it is almost impossible. The film is cut strictly according to the screen size. On the sides should remain 0.5 ml. to the sides. Be sure marker to outline the layer 1 and 2 to avoid confusion.

  • When gluing the cut-out film should be well smoothed edges, so they must fit ideal. If initially the protection is glued unevenly, it can be torn off and applied again. In the case when 1 layer is completely removed, the protective film is lifted with adhesive tape.

  • The main points when gluing the protective film - it's accuracy, slowness and care. It allows you to keep the original appearance of the touch screen of your phone or tablet as long as possible, protecting it from scratches and various damages.

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