Best Bluetooth speakers 2018

Best Bluetooth speakers 2018

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In 2018, the market for wireless audio, received 2 models from the Scandinavian furniture factory IKEA. This undoubtedly indicates a high consumer demand for this range. Well, if two models from IKEA entered our top rating of 2018 wireless speakers and were able to compete with the leading of world audio companies, it says that the market is not so much filled with such craftsmen, the demand for which is growing every year.

Ikea Eneby: best home speaker

Ikea Eneby: best speaker for home

Suddenly, the company IKEA, which is a world giant in the production of furniture, has released its nine models of Bluetooth speakers. It would seem, how can a furniture company make an audio product that can compete with the world's companies that have been producing audio for decades?! It turns out that models from IKEA can also be a very good purchase! Namely, two models of ENEBY.

The difference between these models is in size, power and the small model have a handle for carrying the device. The older model has two bass speakers and one high-frequency, and the younger one has one bass speaker and one high-frequency. Everything else is same.

You may think that the Scandinavian design is very dry, but in General, models from IKEA will easily fit into any interior and will please not only your eyes but also your hearing. Despite the fact that these devices reproduce mono sound, in General, the design for sound was so successful that the sound strikes you with its integrity, volume, scale, bassiness. Especially, these advantages are more evident in the big model, where two mid-bass speakers are installed (the younger one has one) and one high-frequency one. The massive bass port is displayed on the back side and therefore, these Scandinavian speakers should not be placed near wall, as recommended by IKEA.

Here is no built-in battery and therefore, this Scandinavian friends should be located only near the outlet. The cost of the younger model is $49, the older model is sold for $79.

Tribit XSound Go: best waterproof speaker

Tribit XSound Go: best waterproof speaker

Don't look at the compact size and price of $33! This wireless speaker, has a waterproof IPX7 class design, sounds very good and can work all day and night!

XSound Go is equipped with two 40mm 6-watts drivers and one passive radiator on the front panel, which provide high-quality, powerful sound for its size and without distortion, even at maximum volume. There is an easy to use interface with support for voice commands Siri and Google Now.

Thanks to its compact size, XSound Go fits in the palm of your hand. You can put it in your backpack, purse, or carry it with you using the Black Lanyard strap that is included.

For storage and additional protection of the speaker when traveling and traveling, you can purchase a specially designed for XSound Go hard case MaiYi with a soft inner lining.

Elac Discovery Z3: best home speaker

Elac Discovery Z3: best speaker for home

This is a full-fledged stereo device, in which a pair of 4-inch woofers are adjacent to a pair of inch tweeters in a coaxial configuration. In addition, there are a pair of woofers loaded on passive radiators. The gain is naturally in-band, 28 watts for each active emitter, totaling almost 170 watts.

Not only does the Discovery Z3 provide excellent sound quality, it significantly simplifies one of the main problems of all wireless speakers, it the process of connecting them. The app, compatible with iOS and Android, connects the Z3 to a local network just as easily as it does via Bluetooth. This speaker provides installers and users with excellent voice-over capabilities for almost any home - says Chris Walker, ELAC's Vice President of product development.

The legendary Andrew Jones took part in the development of the Discovery Z3. The only compromise that can push you away from buying the Discovery Z3 is the price of $600.

HK Go+Play Mini 2: best party speaker

HK Go+Play Mini 2: best speaker for party

This solution was created specifically to jump with friends and listen to music at home at your leisure. Go+Play Mini 2 has a great sound and plays loud.

Deep and low frequencies sound very good. They are so clear and deep that they can be felt somewhere under the chest, in the area of the diaphragm. Listening to electronic music and hip-hop is a pleasure.

The power of volume of Go+Play Mini 2 can rock a small party. If you turn on the music at full volume in the apartment, you will inevitably be visited by neighbors.

The Go+Play Mini 2 is not waterproof, it does not have color like khaki, burning lights along the contour and other tinsel. But it has a high-quality sound, which is crucial for acoustic systems.

But for all these joys, you will have to pay a lot. The cost of the Go+Play Mini 2 for about $300.

Toshiba TY-GC1000: best streaming speaker

Toshiba TY-GC1000: best streaming speaker

This year and the Japanese company Toshiba pleased with its $100 solution. Having released on the market equipped with a lot of functions and in a minimalistic design, a square-shaped speaker with a fabric cover that will harmonize with any interior.

The compact case of the TY-GC1000 contains two drivers of 15 watts, which sound clean and almost without distortion at high volume. For bass support, not passive radiators are responsible, as usual, in such models, but the bass port located on the back side.

At the same time, you can listen to TY-GC1000 not only via Bluetooth or Aux Input, but also over a wireless network with Google Cast support. You can also build a multiroom with other devices that support Chromecast. And through the IP for the speaker, you can access the equalizer, and configure the sound for yourself.

HK Onyx Studio 5: best outdoor speaker

HK Onyx Studio 5: best speaker for outdoor

Onyx Studio 5 visually resembles a designer handbag and, according to the company itself, is suitable not only for fans of the brand, but also for fans of high-quality sound and stylish things. In addition, it is very convenient to move the acoustics from place to place.

In the new generation, Harman Kardon engineers significantly redesigned the technical part. A 120-mm speaker is responsible for low and medium frequencies, while the upper ones are given to a 25-mm tweeter. In total, the speakers play in the range from 50Hz to 20kHz, and the power supplied to them is 50 watts. From two speakers you can assemble a stereo pair using Wireless Dual Sound technology.

The acoustic controls are embossed, located on the front panel of the device and match its color. Studio 5 sources are connected via Bluetooth 4.2, and the device can simultaneously play music from two sources. The battery of the speaker will last for 8 hours of operation away from the outlet.

There are three finishes available: gray-silver, black-silver or blue-gold for $250 for one.

House of Marley No Bounds: best portable speaker

House of Marley No Bounds: best portable speaker

Portable speaker No Bounds EM-JA015-SB, presented in four colors of the case. Of course, like all other Marley products, they are made from per-processed and eco-friendly materials. The device not only at home, but also on the street: its silicone case has a moisture-proof design that meets the IP67 protection standard. The speaker is not afraid of dust, water splashes, or rain.

No Bounds will delight you with the high-quality and loud sound of your favorite playlist, in which you can hear a rich and deep bass, crystal clear tops and a balanced middle. Miniature EM-JA015-SB round shape, is able to produce a sound power of almost 93db at 3.5W, which is much louder than the main competitor JBL Clip 3 and for same coast ($60).

No Bounds is equipped with a microphone that turns it into a hands-free device. You will be able to conduct a conversation with the subscriber on the other end of the "wire" directly from this speaker. Bluetooth wireless technology is used to connect the device to a smartphone or tablet. There is a possibility of pair connection.

Up to 10 hours of continuous sounding of your favorite tracks is guaranteed by a capacious battery with recharge via micro USB.

Elac Navis: best sounding speakers

Elac Navis: best sounding speakers

Elac has captured the hearts of audiophiles with its new Navis line. These are active floor and shelf speakers with high-end amplifiers that work in class AB with proprietary BASH technology and develop a total power of 300 watts. The low-frequency section has 160 watts, the middle section has 100 watts, and the high-frequency speaker has 40 watts.

The shelf model ARB-51 feature a 5.25-inch aluminum woofer and a coaxial midrange/treble driver with a 4-inch aluminum midrange section diffuser and a soft-inch tweeter. The speakers play frequencies in the range from 44Hz to 28kHz.

The floor model ARF-51 use the same concentric loudspeaker, but it is supported by three bass players playing at 43Hz. The Navis have bass-ports on a back side, and the floor version have three of them.

Switching capabilities of both models are the same: there are balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA and wireless interfaces like Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify Connect, Roon and DLNA. Wireless capabilities provides a hub of Discovery Connect. The rear panel has a few adjustments of the tone control and tuning functions.

The ELAC ARB-51 price $2,000 and the ARF-51 $4,000. The Navis series is available in three colors: black and white lacquer, as well as in striped ebony veneer.

Sony GTKXB60: best party speaker

Sony GTKXB60: best party speaker

Sony GTKXB60 is a Portable two-band high-power speaker system with dynamic LED lighting and battery power. Supports the proprietary sound enhancement feature Extra BASS, which increases the power of the bass, which is especially valuable for popular, electronic dance music and hip-hop.

Thanks to this technological Arsenal, Sony GTK-XB60 can deliver powerful sound (up to 150 watts) of high quality for playing tracks of various musical genres and compositions. Bluetooth-pairing with a wireless signal source, which can be used by any modern devices is greatly simplified with the support of NFC technology.

In addition, the proprietary high-resolution format LDAC is supported. The built-in battery charge is sufficient for 14 hours of sound or up to 3 hours of operation in maximum power mode. For acoustic design of large rooms, it is possible to combine several speakers into one large system (up to 10 units) using Wireless Party Chain. The prcie $350

Anker Soundcore 2: best waterproof speaker
Anker Soundcore 2: best waterproof speaker

Two years ago, the first version of Soundcore got into the review of our rating 2016 year, which became a hit worldwide due to its quality and price of $33. The second, improved version, which received additional options, but kept the same price, also deserves attention.

In the new version, Bluetooth has been updated to version 5.0. The total volume sound has also increased from 6 watts to 12 watts, which is not a lot, but for this size it is a very good result and this power will be quite enough for many. The enhanced bass option BassUp is now available, or you can make equalizer settings via your phone. The sound is clear, not like from a plastic barrel. The bass is felt, but only up close, if you move away or listen in a large room, the bass begins to get lost.

The second version of Soundcore, though a little heavier, but not much and also remained light, only 0.91 lb. The case is rubberized plastic, which is a bit sticky, there may be fingerprints, but this is a fee for IPX7 protection. On the bottom has rubberized legs, so the Soundcore doesn't jump on the table when sounding on full volume. The level of performance remains the same, Soundcore can be used for up to 24 hours without charging!

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