Take a screenshot (Snip tool)

Take a screenshot (Snip tool)

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General window Snip tool

"Garage lab" from Microsoft, has released a "Snip" program that allows you to capture screenshots, edit them, and send them to friends or colleagues. In fact, this is an improved version of the "Snipping tools" tool built into Windows.

Once installed, "Snip" is hidden at the top of the screen. It is necessary to move the mouse cursor or press your finger on the slightly exposed window of the program, and you will see three buttons: "Capture", "Whiteboard" and "Camera". If you wish, you can drag this mini-window to another location.

If you press "Capture" or the "Print Screen" key, the entire screen will be highlighted with a red dotted line. Press "Enter", and the program makes a full-screen screenshot. If you hover over a program window, only that window will be captured. You can also choose to capture any rectangular part of the screen. The image under the cursor is magnified as if under a magnifying glass to make it easier to select the capture area.

Immediately after the screenshot is taken, the editor opens (Photo). It can be started without making a screenshot-by pressing the "Whiteboard" button. Writing annotations in it is the easiest on the touch screen, the mouse is inconvenient to do, and the input of printed text is not provided.

Window Snip tool record menu

The most impressive feature of the program is video recording with sound. Press the Record button-the program records all your actions with the screenshot and everything you say (Photo). Thanks to this, the usual screenshot can be turned into a detailed instruction.

Ready screenshot can be shared with anyone. Sending an e-mail for some reason does not work yet, but if you click on "Link", the program will fill the image or video to the Microsoft website, and a link will be copied to the clipboard, where you can open it. You can also copy the html code to paste the screenshot to the site. In addition, "Snip" is able to capture an image from a webcam. The saved image can also be processed in the editor by adding a picture, text annotation or voice explanation.

Snip program is free, you can download it from Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/garage/profiles/snip/).

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